Board of Directors

Shields, Girois, Knox, Lee, Stradford, Leidig, Behr
2018 Board Members


 Joshua G. Behr, PhD, Research Scientist                        Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center

 Teresa Gonzalvo, MPA, RN, BSN                                   
 Clinical Consultant

 Susan D. Johnson, DDS, Director of Dental Services         Naval Medical Center 

 Richard Knox, Jr., Chairman of the Board                     Certified Public Accountant

 Jesse W. Lee, DDS, Oral Surgeon                                   Konikoff Dentistry

 George Leidig, Provider Contracting Director
 Optima Health
 Dale Shields,  IT Operations Manager
 Sentara Healthcare
 Tiffany Stradford, Program Manager
 Second Chances Comprehensive Services
 Nancy Welch, MD, Public Health Director
 Chesapeake Health District


Deb Anderson, PhD (2010-2016)

Debbie Atkinson (2005-2007)

Jason Azar (2013-2014)

Teresa Babineau, MD (2013-2015)

Golden Bethune-Hill (2007-2013)

Maureen Boshier, PhD (2005-2012)

Dominick Calgi (2007-2013)

Patrick C. Devine, Jr., JD (2008-2014)

Wynn L. Dixon (2010-2013)

Robert Dyer, PhD (2005-2008)

Edwina Gary (2004-2006)

Michael Gentry (2009-2010)
Claudia Gooch (2004-2014)
Susan Girois, MD (2012–2018)
Clare Houseman, PhD (2005-2008)
Syed Kalamuddin, DDS  (2006-2008)

Angela Kellam (2004-2008) (2011-2014)

Michelle Laisure (2008-2011)

Jesse W. Lee, DDS  (2012-2015)

Emily Lieb, MD (2014-2019)

James F. Lind, Jr. (2010-2013)

Sister Shaun Malone (2010-2012)

Kenn Penn (2006-2012)

Pamela M. Perry (2006-2009)

Pamela A. Phillips (2006-2009)

Gina Pitrone (2004-2010)

Matthew W. Pommer, Jr., DDS (2007-2010)

Amy Price, MD (2012-2015)

Bill Reid (2011-2014)

Brenda Stevenson-Marshall, PhD (2008-2011)

Toni Strachan (2011-2012)

Subir Vij, MD (2009-2012)






I am a 25 year old female and I just got diagnosed as Hepatitis C positive. I'm very happy Access Partnership is there for me and can help me during this scary time. Thank you!

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